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TBone Jones. Damon Waite. Les Gillon. Charlie Griffiths

Jerry Barker. Ruth Gardziel. Andy Greaves.

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According to urban slang, the word TBone can mean one of several things. When a car smashes into another car forming the shape of a T, this is known as a TBone. A woman who has an athletic build and yet manages to maintain her good looks – she’s a TBone too. The meatiest cut of your manhood? You got it, that’s your TBone. If we were to combine all three of our given examples, you wouldn’t be far wrong from describing the country collective that is TBone – a goliath of quirky country rock music, fronted by Australian born TBone Jones - ex roadie, bouncer, minder, soldier, guest of Her Majesty’s prison service and motorcycle gang member (nowadays he’s more of a respectable grandfather and general upstanding citizen but we won’t hold that against him).

With 30 years gigging experience under their belt and achieving commercial airplay throughout the UK, USA, Australia and the Middle East; seven-piece band TBone are gathering momentum and gathering amazing reviews from the likes of Music News Nashville, Country Routes, Pathfinder, Cross Country, The Ranch, 100% Biker, Open House and Back Street Heroes magazines.

Undoubtedly, TBone’s loyal fan base has helped bolster the band’s popularity - now on their second Facebook fan page having reached a maximum of 5,000 fans; reaching #1 in the Reverbnation country charts (Body and Mind), going straight to #5 in the International Radio Charts - Clays Country Top 30 (A New Daddy) and playing to an audience of 7,000 at the well-known British Biker festival The Farmyard Party.

Aside from the big man himself (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin and harmonica), TBone comprises Jerry Barker (bass), Damon Waite (drums – and yet a classically trained trombone player), Dr of music Les Gillon (lead) Charlie Griffiths (keys) of The Mighty Wah, with session credits on Simply Red’s ‘Money’s Too Tight to Mention’, Blacks ‘Wonderful Life’ and a Top of the Pops appearance, Andy Greaves (mandolin and guitar), Jen Trott (violin). All band members lend themselves to wholesome country harmonies, supported by the rich vocals of Ruth Gardziel.

TBone delivers compelling country schooled at The University of Life. Live TBone gigs are limited throughout the year so make sure you don’t miss your chance to see them in action. Catch them at various festivals over the summer including the NABD National Rally and the Americana International. Sometimes comical, sometimes serious, always a crowd-pleaser – TBone will have you begging for more.